Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another donation...

I just received word from a very generous bloggy friend from the UK that there is a package waiting for me at the Post Office. I can't wait to check it out, and share with you all what's inside!

**As a side note, I had briefly posted something here earlier today that was meant for my other blog. I apologize if anyone was confused by it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Keep 'em coming...

A picture is worth a thousand words right? Remember I told you in my last post about the generous donation we received from a local family? Well here, I have decided to post a photo of this great haul. (My apologies that the pics are unclear, I am using my camera phone.)

Thank you so much, Paradise Family!

Then today, on my visit to the post office, I was excited to see another box full of goodies arrive!

These items are actually from the mother of the woman who donated the above items. This family's generosity has touched our hearts, and will mean so much for CCMC's critically ill infants. You have no idea what a difference it makes to have your child dressed in something bright and fun, rather than just a hospital receiving blanket. These outfits do wonders to keep little ones warm, and to warm the hearts of those who care for them.

Thank you so much, Carol Jones!

Additionally, thanks to another generous donation that came today by way of a check, we have now raised $120 for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center Foundation.

Thank you so much, Ms. Maria Blatz!

We are off to a good start, but we still have a ways to go. Please prayerfully consider helping out if you can. Any donation, big or small, whether cash, gift card, or item (see list above) are greatly appreciated and go a long way towards assisting these critically ill infants and their families. And remember... these donations are all tax deductible.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Donation Update

We have truly been blessed today. 

A very generous local family
 has made the following donation to the CCMC drive: 
*2 pack of pacifiers 
*teething ring 
* 3 pack of bottles 
* an adorable bunny bib
* 6 infant outfits
*fitted crib sheet set

Between this great haul, 
and the incredibly generous $100 check received earlier this week,
we are off to a really great start!

Don't forget- all gifts collected in this drive are tax deductible.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Just a little update....This is just the beginning, and we are off to a great start. This site has had over 500 views in it's first few days. We are up to 21 followers and the word is spreading. Best of all, today we received our first donation! We know that the critically ill infants at Connecticut Children's Medical Center and their families will truly appreciate the food and parking vouchers that today's donation will provide, and look forward to seeing this initiative grow. Together, we know it can be a huge success for these little warriors and their families.

Thank you so much, Dolzadelli Family, 
for being the first to donate!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Off To A Great Start

This site been up only a few days, and already we have begun receiving messages of support for The Connecticut Children's Medical Center initiative. What better way to enter the holiday season, than by embracing the spirit of giving? Parenting a critically ill child can leave you feeling helpless and isolated. Together, through these donations, we can make a real difference by sending the message that these little ones, and their families, are not alone, and that there are people striving to make their stay in the hospital a little easier. Even the smallest of gestures can leave a huge imprint on someone's heart.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The holidays are here, and with them so many ways to help:

As we are now approaching a new set of Holidays without Peyton, we have decided to take up a collection in her honor to benefit the critically ill infants and their families at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, the hospital where Peyton spent her entire life.

During our time with Peyton, both in the NICU, and on the oncology floor, we were the recipients of many random acts of kindness. These acts made a very difficult situation bearable, and made it possible for us to be at our child's side day after day. It is for these reasons that we would like to pay the kindness forward with this collection. Every gesture, no matter how grand or small, makes a big difference in the life of a family with a critically ill baby.


If you would like to donate items, (new and/or unused), the following are those which would be of the greatest help...

* Pacifiers
* Teethers
* Soft blocks
* Baby Einstein toys
* Rattles
* Bottles
* Bibs
* Crib/bed mobiles
* Ocean Wonders Crib Aquarium or any with soothing sounds
* Fitted crib sheets
* CDs of lullabies and classical music
* Board books (English & Spanish)
* New infant clothes for boys and girls
* Diapers

The children currently being treated in the NICU will put these items to great use. If you have items that are not necessarily brand new, but just like new, and clean, they too would be appreciated. Please remember that because these children are compromised, it is crucial that the items are clean. We are sorry but we will not be able to accept any used stuffed animals as they cannot be properly sterilized.

Homemade (knitted/quilts/fleece etc) blankets and hats are welcome too, as long as they have been washed and placed into a ziploc type sealed bag.

Knit hats of any size are also greatly appreciated as the smaller ones can be used on babies in the NICU, and those of other sizes can be used by children undergoing chemotherapy. The zanier the hat design... the better. These kids love style! :)

Please mail any items to be donated to:

Peyton's Pals
Attn: Doing Good In Her Name
P.O. Box 1281
Burlington CT, 06013


 Every gift card donated, will be distributed to the parents/family of a critically ill infant being treated at CCMC. Gift Cards in any amount are greatly appreciated from the following establishments.

*Dunkin Donuts
*J Restaurant & Bar (located directly across from the hospital. Gift cards can be ordered online here.)
*Gas Cards (Sunoco, Shell, Valero, Getty, Gulf, Mobil)

These can be mailed to:
Peyton's Pals
Attn: Doing Good In Her Name
P.O. Box 1281
Burlington CT, 06013


Tax Deductible cash donations can also be made. These donations will be used to provide the families of critically ill infants with parking passes and food vouchers that can be used in the hospital cafeteria. Parking at the hospital can grow quite costly, and we know from personal experience what a great help these vouchers offer in helping to alleviate some of the financial burden that families with very sick babies are under.

Many times, it is very difficult for the parents and family of critically ill infants to get away for a meal. Your donations will also go to providing vouchers for the cafeteria, making the prospect of grabbing a quick bite much easier for NICU families.

If you would like to make a monetary donation,
please make your checks payable to
The Connecticut Children's Medical Center Foundation.
Please reference "Doing Good In Her Name" in the memo line.

Monetary donations can be mailed to:
Peyton's Pals
Attn: Doing Good In Her Name
P.O. Box 1281
Burlington CT, 06013

Any contribution to this collection effort,
large or small,
 will have a huge impact on
 these little warriors and their families.

Thank you in advance for your help,
 and God Bless!

Questions can be left here in the comments form, or emailed to

Still A Work In Progress...

Please check back soon for info on the drive we will be doing for Connecticut Children's Medical Center. If you would like info right away on which items we are collecting, or how you can donate to the fund that has been established in Peyton's Honor to assist NICU families at CCMC, please leave a comment below.