Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thank You Stadley Rough School Families & Faculty!

We Would Like to Send Out 
The Families and Faculty
of Stadley Rough School,
Danbury Connecticut.

Lauren Gillespie, a counselor at the school, contacted me in January to let me know that the students at Stadley Rough had decided to do an item donation and fundraiser for Doing Good In Her Name, so that they could help the little babies being treated at CCMC. The donations came in last week, and what these elementary school students collected absolutely blew us away!

They collected bottles and bottle washers!

Plenty of pacifiers, teethers, and toys!

Books, CD's, crib sheets, some corner and outlet protectors...

Adorable outfits like this one (sorry for the sideways picture)

A wonderful batch of homemade fleece blankets... (washed and bagged)

As well as store bought blankets, a duckie bath wrap, and some socks...

And then there were the clothes.... just check out all of these beautiful items!

These ones with matching bibs were so adorable, and look at those little animal feet...

And this adorable bear outfit...

Complete with a detachable velcro tail!

In addition to the items collected, Stadley Rough's Families and Faculty donated $115 in checks, bringing our total raised to $925! Unbelievable. This money will go so far in assisting the families of the critically ill infants being treated at CCMC, by providing food and parking vouchers, as well as financial assistance.

We Also Want To Send Out
A Very Special THANK YOU
To Some Very Special Students!

Hayley, Karla, Kaitlyn,
Anusha, Cameron and Allie!

These students not only helped lead the charge in collecting donations, and getting the items together, but also took the time to create and send these beautiful handmade cards to us...

With messages inside like this beautiful poem...

These cards really touched our hearts, and we are so grateful to these students for working so hard to make this drive for Doing Good In Her Name such a huge success!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thank You Betsy Beasley!

We would like to send a Huge Thank You out to

Betsy Beasley of Glen Allen, VA

for her incredible generosity.

Knowing how difficult preemie items are to come by, Betsy makes a habit of buying these items when she sees them, and donating them to area NICU's. We are so touched that she chose to help support our initiative with all of these beautiful preemie outfits.

Just check out these cute little bulldozers...

The little elephants on these pink outfits were too cute...

Thank You So Much Betsy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank You Kristina & Glen Mitchell!

We would like to send a HUGE Thank You out to

Kristina & Glen Mitchell, of Cheshire, CT 

for donating the following amazing items for use by the critically ill infants being treated at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, and their families!

There were wonderful toys for girls and boys...

This little guy was my favorite...

A bottle, rattle, and DVD's to pass the time...

And even this fantastic poster to brighten a room during a little one's stay...


Thank You Carbone Family!

We would like to send a Huge Thank You out to

The Carbone Family of Bristol, CT

for making another wonderful donation!

The Carbones were kind enough to send these beautiful onesies!

Thank You So Much Carbone Family!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank You Osceola Collins & Family!

We would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU out to

Osceola Collins & Family, of Kansas City, MO

for sending us the following batch of amazing donations.

For the critically ill infants being treated at CCMC, The Collins Family
sent us a generous assortment of hats, teethers, bottles, pacifiers...

Clothes with adorable prints on them like this one...

And even this wonderful set of baby blocks!

We know that each of these items will go to great use and will be truly appreciated.

Thank You So Much Osceola!