Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank you Nana Nina & Poppa Wally!

We would like to send a Huge Thank You out to 

Peyton's Grandparents
Nina and Wally Binder 

for their generous cash donation. 

Thanks to Nina and Wally,
Doing Good In Her Name has now raised a total of
for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center Foundation!!!

This money goes directly to the families of critically ill infants,
providing financial assistance.

Thank You So Much Nina & Wally!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank You Julia McDonnell!

We would like to send a HUGE Thank You out to

Julia McDonnell of Chevy Chase, MD.

Julia sent us a huge box just brimming with beautiful items
for the critically ill infants being treated over at CCMC. 

In the box were loads of hats, socks, and some gowns...

These wonderful outfits of all sizes, from newborn to toddler...

This one cracked us up...

Too cute!

The football outfit on the bottom left reads "huddler cuddler."

And can you believe these amazing dresses...

Julia thought they might brighten the day of a little girl and her family when circumstances force them to spend a special occasion (birthday, Easter, etc) in the hospital...

On top of all these amazing donations, Julia's daughter sent a donation of her own. Knowing the significance of butterflies to the babyloss world, she created this adorable picture for us...


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thank You Jane from Letters To Noah!

We need to send a HUGE Thank You out to 

Jane decided to honor her son Noah's second birthday in Heaven by helping other little babies. We are so touched that she chose to do so by sending donations to Doing Good In Her Name, and we are so grateful for the beautiful array of donations that she sent.

Like this amazing pig ensemble! 
Too Cute...

Jane's donations included many beautifully hand knitted, washed and bagged items.

Like these gorgeous sweaters...

As well as this knitted sweater/hat combination...

And this beautiful purple hat...

Jane also sent these amazing outfits...

This one was too funny not to take a picture...

As well as socks, booties, more clothes and a hooded towel...

An adorable pink bear blanket, Books, CD's, a bottle, a pacifier and pacifier clip, some wipes, and washcloths...

In addition to these wonderful items for the babies,
Jane sent in some great items for the parents as well.

She sent us two digital photo keychains... 

And these wonderful baby scrapbooking stamps and a little light which is sure to come in handy. Nurses and parents need some light in the room overnight when their child is sleeping at the hospital, and a light like this one will allow some light, without being so bright that the child's sleep will be disturbed.


You did something beautiful in Noah's honor, and have made such a difference.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank You Jill from Footprints On Our Hearts!

We would like to send a HUGE Thank You out to 

for sending in the following beautiful donations.

Jill made these donations to honor a special little boy named Noah on his second birthday in Heaven. 

She sent us all of these beautiful clothes...

As well as these diapers, booties and mittens, pacifiers, and bottles...

What a beautiful way to honor her friend's son's second heavenly birthday.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thank You Sarita Boyette!

We would like to send a HUGE Thank You out to

Sarita Boyette of Grapevine Texas

for her generous donation.

Thanks to Sarita's gift, we have now raised a total of
 $985 for The Connecticut Children's Medical Center Foundation!

In addition to her generous donation for CCMC, Sarita was also kind enough to create these adorable tags for me for as a Mother's Day gift. The one on the left reads "Baby Binder" on the back, and the one on the right has Peyton's initials.
Aren't they just beautiful!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Second Drop Off A HUGE Success!

We had our second drop off with Mary, the amazing medical social worker that we were fortunate to work with when Peyton was at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, and WOW! your generosity over the last few months has been UNBELIEVABLE!

Nearly 700 items were tagged and boxed, so many items that we had to fold the back of our SUV down just to fit them all. 

Clothing, toys, diapers, bottles, homemade blankets, pacifiers, hats, mobiles... we asked and you came through in a big way! The list of items dropped off for use by the critically ill infants and their families at CCMC goes on and on. 

Mary met us on a Monday afternoon, and we went right to work,
transferring the donated items from our SUV to her car...

At one point we worried it might not all fit...

Then we worried that Mary might not fit after all these items were added... 

The weather was much nicer for this drop off than it had been for the first one
(it was FREEZING that day),
and we were able to spend some time catching up, 
and trying for a nice group shot...

Thank you so much to all those who made this second drop off possible. Your generosity, in both helping to honor Peyton's memory, and assisting these other little warriors and their families, has been awe inspiring.

We look forward to watching this initiative grow, and to sharing the news of more drop offs in the future.