Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank you Katharine Poklemba Schmitt, and the Staff and Customers of Lush Pasadena

We are thrilled to send out a HUGE THANK YOU
 tonight to a very special group of people. 

Katharine Poklemba Schmitt,
 while managing at Lush in Pasadena, CA
 organized an item donation drive among 
her store's employees and customers.

When the box arrived,
we couldn't believe just how many wonderful items were inside! 

There were bottles, teethers, blankets and toys...

A beautiful selection of clothing...

Bibs, onesies, even a few jackets...

A HUGE assortment of socks and booties, a blanket, hat, and pack of crib sheets...

Just look at these beautiful pacifier booties...

This wonderful book...

And more toys, books, teethers, pacifiers and bottles...


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank You Erica Venezia, Karen Schweikert and Christine Capone!

We would like to send a Huge Thank You to

Erica Venezia, 
Karen Schweikert,
and Christine Capone of Bethel, CT

for putting together the following batch of items for the critically ill infants being treated at CCMC.

The clothes they sent were just adorable...
The one on the left reads: I'm a hug waiting to happen.

They sent clothes for girls and boys of all different infant sizes...

As well as two beautiful sets of knitted hats and mittens...

This festive little onesie was my favorite...

Erica, Karen and Christine also sent us this generous batch of bottle liners...

Each of these items are sure to go to great use!

Thank You So Much Erica, Karen, & Christine!

Thank You Sally At Tuesday's Hope!

We would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU

To Sally from the blog Tuesday's Hope 

for sending us this amazing batch of donations 


Sally sent batches and batches of adorable clothes...


Some of these outfits had me just cracking up they were so cute...

Like this adorable little blue shorts and tank top outfit below...

And these elephant slippers!

Sally also sent some beautiful sweaters, hats, mittens
and a second pair of slippers, these were hippos...

So precious...

We know that these items will go to excellent use, 
and are so grateful to Sally for thinking of us and donating them.

Thank You So Much Sally!

Monday, February 15, 2010


We have nearly a carload of goodies to deliver, and three packages still to open, one coming ALL THE WAY FROM AUSTRALIA! Once we have gotten them up and posted (in the next few days) it will be time for our second drop off! We can't believe it!

When we first decided to start Doing Good In Her Name we had no idea how far the message would reach (donations have poured in from 14 States across the USA, England, British Columbia, Ontario & now, Australia), or just how generous a response there would be (see the tally box at the top right of this blog).

We are humbled and moved by your amazing commitment to offering assistance to these little warriors and their families. We know what it is to have a critically ill child, and also know what a difference your kindness is making in the lives and hearts of these little patients and their families.

We are so, so grateful to everyone who has helped us through donating and spreading the word about this initiative, and are looking forward to seeing it continue to grow.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank You Billy & Chrissi Woods!

We would like to send a Huge Thank You out to 
Billy and Chrissi Woods of South Windsor, CT 
for sending in the following beautiful group of donations.

Billy and Chrissi, who are among a very small group of people who actually met Peyton during her short time here, surprised us with this amazing haul of goodies for the critically ill infants being treated at CCMC.

I can't get over these prints. This little tea party one was my favorite!

They sent clothes, a sleeper, and an adorable elephant fleece blanket!

Somehow, I think Billy might have picked this one out!

Thank You So Much Billy and Chrissi!

Thank You Gramma & Pop-Pop Roberts!

We would like to send a huge Thank You to Peyton's Gramma and Pop-Pop,
 Liz and Gene Roberts of Brookfield, CT 
who were kind enough to donate this gorgeous blanket! 

We know that a blanket like this will go to great use at CCMC, whether it be swaddling a patient, or wrapping a mother and child together during very important (and healing) skin to skin time.

Thank You So Much Gramma & Pop-Pop!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Continued Support Needed...

First we would really, really like to thank all those who have reached out and donated to our initiative so far. Your generosity has meant the world to us in wanting to honor the memory of our daughter Peyton, and to the critically ill infants and their families at CCMC who have benefited from them. We have been truly floored by your support and generosity, and look forward to watching this campaign grow and benefit more sick babies and their families.

The flow of donations has been fairly steady since the start of this initiative, which has been WONDERFUL, unfortunately it has been about a week since the last package arrived at the post office. :(

We know that there are a lot of great causes out there to support, and thank you for keeping us in mind. Each and every day, new groups of parents learn that their child is facing critical illness. Please help us show these warriors and their families that they are not alone. We would also appreciate if you could help us spread the word about Doing Good In Her Name. The more who know about this program, the more critically ill infants that we can help.