Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thank You Jon & Nicole Von Oy!

We would like to send a Huge Thank You out to

 Jon & Nicole Von Oy, of Torrington, CT

for donating the following set of beautiful donations.

There were lots of lovely clothes and receiving blankets...

As well as booties, a rattle, more clothes, and onesies...

We know that every item donated by Jon and Nicole will go to great use by the critically ill infants being treated at CCMC. We cannot emphasize enough what a difference it makes, not only for these babies, but their families as well, to see their children in something cute and comforting, as opposed to just a diaper and hospital blanket.

Thank You So Much Jon & Nicole!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thank You So Much Deborah Steinberg and Chris Dlugozima!

Thank you so much to Deborah Steinberg,
and Christopher Dlugozima of Hoboken, NJ
for sending us the following amazing donations.

Deb & Chris were kind enough to send this beautiful mobile, that is both a musical mobile with cute little animals hanging from it, and also a projection mobile.

They also sent us a great Rockabye Baby CD featuring Bob Marley songs.

We know that both of these gifts will get lots and lots of use and appreciation by the critically ill babies and their families at CCMC.

Thank You So Much Chris & Deb! 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank You Susan & Jeff of!

Thank you so much

Susan and Jeff from

for sending us the following amazing donations!

It has blown us away how many fellow babylost bloggers have reached out to support this cause to honor not only our daughter Peyton's memory, but their own child's as well. I encourage anyone visiting this page to also visit the blogs of donors and read their incredible stories. Get to know each of their little one's. I promise their stories will never leave your heart.

Susan and Jeff were generous beyond words.
They sent us all these beautiful goodies....

A bag of Knitted Hats, and Receiving Blankets.
I Love This Little Red Pepper One...

Rattles, Teethers, Onesies, Sleepers & Pacifiers...

Beautiful Clothes....

Diapers, Bottles, Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards, Toys,
Even this Amazing Fleece Throw
For Covering Mommy and Baby During Skin To Skin Time!

They remembered the older kids too.
Providing these Lovely Hats and Mittens for the Cancer Kids...

Just Too Cute!

And to top it all off, they also made a very generous donation to the CCMC Foundation, Bringing our Tally To a Whopping $810!

Thank You So Much Jeff & Susan!

Thank You Wally & Nina Binder!

Thank You to Peyton's Grandparents

Wally & Nina Binder, of Kansas City, MO

for sending a donation in memory of their friend Roger "Pete" Peterson, who passed away recently. With their generous donation, we have now raised $735 for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center Foundation!

Thank You So Much Wally & Nina!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank You Danielle Brigance!

We received a wonderful box from
  Danielle Brigance, of Beggs, OK
 containing 40 prayer squares.

Much like prayer blankets, or prayer shawls, a person who makes prayer squares says a prayer for the recipient of the square as they are creating them. These squares are then given to families struggling during difficult times, as a reminder that they are not alone.

When we were in the hospital with Peyton, we were the recipients of two beautiful prayer shawls, and they brought us great comfort knowing that someone had been praying for our little girl while creating them. I will be sharing these squares with the Chapel Staff from CCMC, to share with families who they know will find comfort in receiving them. Danielle has also given me permission to share them with other mothers who are grieving their children.

Thank You So Much Danielle!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank You Jack & Michelle Coraggio!

Thank You So Much Jack & Michelle Coraggio, of Danbury CT
for donating this wonderful musical mobile for the babies to use at CCMC.

We know first hand what a difference it makes to have something colorful and musical in the room, and are sure that many, many babies and their families will benefit from this generous gift.

Thank You So Much Jack & Michelle!

Thank You Gramma & Pop-Pop Roberts!

We would like to send out a Huge Thank You
 to Peyton's Gramma & Pop Pop,
Liz & Gene Roberts, of Brookfield, CT
 for donating these beautiful items.

There were cute outfits...

An adorable bathrobe...

And these wonderful books...

Thank You Gramma & Pop Pop Roberts!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today I received an empty envelope addressed to me (Kristin) at home, no return address, with a Jan. 15 postmark from Osh Kosh WI. I would really hate to think someone meant to send something and it never made it here :(

If anyone knows anything about this, please email me at doinggoodinhername(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our First Thank You Note!

Hello Binder Family,
My name is Nicole, and I wanted to thank you for the lovely hat my daughter is wearing on behalf of your foundation. We spent most of December and early January on the 8th floor, as she has had fevers and pneumonia.
Chandler is 3 and was diagnosed with ALL 2 weeks after her third birthday, this past September.
Peyton Elizabeth is a beautiful name for an angel. My thoughts and prayers are with you, as you continue to find the strength to help others in your daughter's name.
We hope to be able to donate to your foundation in the future, so that we too can help other families as we have been helped.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank You Catherine Jerome!

We would like to send out a huge thank you for the generous cash donation
 that we received today on behalf of the Connecticut Children's Medical Center Foundation from Catherine Jerome, of Allen, TX.

Thanks to Catherine's donation, we have now raised $710 worth of cash donations which will be used to help the families of critically ill infants being treated at CCMC! These donations help families by providing food and parking vouchers, as well as financial assistance.

Thank You So Much Catherine!

Thank You Krista Cataldo!

We would like to send out a huge thanks to
Krista Cataldo, of Wethersfield, CT
for generously donating the following items for use by the
critically ill infants at Connecticut Children's Medical Center...

Look at the prints on these clothes... too cute. I love the I <3 NY one!

We were lucky to not only receive these wonderful items of clothing,
but this adorable pair of baby TEVA's too!

Thank You So Much Krista Cataldo!

Thank You Shelley Campbell!

We would like to send out a huge thank you to
Shelley Campbell, of Monroe, GA
for sending us the following beautiful donations...

Shelly sent bottles, and outfits...

lots and lots of socks to keep little toes warm in the hospital!

And this amazing homemade quilt!

Thank You So Much Shelley Campbell!

Thank You Anna Rhodes!

Thank you so much to Anna Rhodes, of Bishop, GA
for sending us the following lovely donations, as well as a truly beautiful letter.

These pictures just don't do justice to how lovely these items are...
There were clothes, toys, pacifiers...

Books, and swaddling blankets.
These items are sure to go to excellent use for the critically ill infants at CCMC!

Thank You So Much Anna Rhodes!

Thank You Lisette of Sami's Blog!

To say I was blown away to see the generosity of the following donation
is an extreme understatement. Thank You So Much To
 Lisette, over at Sami's Blog,
I honestly don't know how she fit this all into one box!
Check out all of these amazing goodies for the critically ill infants at CCMC.

There were bottles & supplies!

All these beautiful books, and a "Busy Ball Choo Choo" toy!

Clothing, blankets, shoes & washcloths!

Hats, socks, bibs, and even a Jewel CD!

I know that so many lives will be touched by this woman's generosity.

Thank You So Much Lisette!

Thank You Kristina Jensen!

Thank you so much to Kristina Jensen, of Bristol CT!
Kristina, who already had donated to us in the past,
was kind enough to think of us with these beautiful donations...

The picture really doesn't do justice to just how precious this handmade blanket was, and I know that the hats, mittens and pacifiers will all go to excellent use.

Thank You So Much Kristina Jensen!

Thank You Lori Orsini!

We received the most adorable donation
from Lori Orsini, of Watertown, CT.

Just check out these festive hats!

These are sure to bring smiles to the faces of CCMC's little patients.

Thank You So Much Lori Orisini!

Thank You Kelli Guido!

We would like to send out A Huge Thank You
to Kelli Guido, of Southbury CT
for sending us the following wonderful donations.

The toy is absolutely adorable. It plays music, and flashes lights, and we know the books and bottles will find good homes with the patients at CCMC too!

Thank You So Much Kelli Guido!

Friday, January 8, 2010


We had our first drop off last Sunday with Mary, the amazing social worker that we worked with at CCMC. Mary was kind enough to meet us on Sunday evening to pick up the donations that had been collected so far. Unfortunately on Sunday it was only 16 degrees outside! Brrrr! What's that they say... "Neither rain, nor snow, nor hail, will keep us from our appointed rounds." :)  You can see the snow in the pictures here!

Mary was a true angel to us when we were in the hospital with Peyton, and it felt so good to meet up with her to pay that kindness forward to other families with critically ill babies.

While I manned the camera, Dru and Mary posed by some of the goodies. There was enough to fill the entire trunk, backseat, and front seat of her car! I hope she had help carrying it all in.

Mary was really excited to see all that had been collected, and we look forward to seeing her for the next drop off!

Thank you so much to all those who made this first drop off possible. Your generosity in both helping to honor Peyton's memory, and assist these other little warriors and their families, has been awe inspiring.

We look forward to watching this initiative grow, and to sharing the news of more drop offs in the future.

Today I went to the Post Office and picked up FOUR HUGE BOXES OF GOODIES! Be sure to check back in the next few days to see what we found inside of them. With these boxes, we are already off to a great start towards stocking up for our next drop off to CCMC. For that drop off though, we will aim for a much warmer day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thank You Yolanda, Alex, and Ava!

We would like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU  to
Yolanda Ross, Alex and Ava of Alexandria, VA!

Just check out the cute prints on these clothes...

And these goodies came too....

A HUGE Box of Diapers....

As well as bottles, pacifiers and teethers!

Thank You So Much Yolanda, Alex, & Ava!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thank You Cheryl Zajac!!! Thank You Bonnie Baillargeon!!!

We would like to send out a Huge Thank You to

  Cheryl Zajac, of Portland, CT,

and her mother,

Bonnie Baillargeon, of East Hampton, CT

who came together to provide us with this amazing set of donations.

Bonnie creating all of these adorable homemade hats.

There were hats for the little ones...

Too precious...

So adorable...

And hats for some of the older kids being treated
on the cancer floor where Peyton spent her life...

These are great!

I love the little flowers on the fronts of these...

Cheryl also sent us this adorable blanket, a pair of pacifiers...

and this sweet infant girl's outfit!

Thank You So Much Cheryl and Bonnie!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thank You Paige from Hirsch Happenings!

We received a lovely package of things from
  Paige at Hirsch Happenings!

Paige was kind enough to donate these beautiful sleepers and onesies.

This pink one was my favorite...

Just check out these ballerina feet!

Thank You So Much Paige!