Friday, January 8, 2010


We had our first drop off last Sunday with Mary, the amazing social worker that we worked with at CCMC. Mary was kind enough to meet us on Sunday evening to pick up the donations that had been collected so far. Unfortunately on Sunday it was only 16 degrees outside! Brrrr! What's that they say... "Neither rain, nor snow, nor hail, will keep us from our appointed rounds." :)  You can see the snow in the pictures here!

Mary was a true angel to us when we were in the hospital with Peyton, and it felt so good to meet up with her to pay that kindness forward to other families with critically ill babies.

While I manned the camera, Dru and Mary posed by some of the goodies. There was enough to fill the entire trunk, backseat, and front seat of her car! I hope she had help carrying it all in.

Mary was really excited to see all that had been collected, and we look forward to seeing her for the next drop off!

Thank you so much to all those who made this first drop off possible. Your generosity in both helping to honor Peyton's memory, and assist these other little warriors and their families, has been awe inspiring.

We look forward to watching this initiative grow, and to sharing the news of more drop offs in the future.

Today I went to the Post Office and picked up FOUR HUGE BOXES OF GOODIES! Be sure to check back in the next few days to see what we found inside of them. With these boxes, we are already off to a great start towards stocking up for our next drop off to CCMC. For that drop off though, we will aim for a much warmer day!


  1. How awesome that her car was filled!!!

  2. How wonderful!!! It's so awesome to hear that so many families will benefit from Peyton's legacy. Great work Binder Family!!!

  3. That is wonderful, I am so happy for you.