Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank You Danielle Brigance!

We received a wonderful box from
  Danielle Brigance, of Beggs, OK
 containing 40 prayer squares.

Much like prayer blankets, or prayer shawls, a person who makes prayer squares says a prayer for the recipient of the square as they are creating them. These squares are then given to families struggling during difficult times, as a reminder that they are not alone.

When we were in the hospital with Peyton, we were the recipients of two beautiful prayer shawls, and they brought us great comfort knowing that someone had been praying for our little girl while creating them. I will be sharing these squares with the Chapel Staff from CCMC, to share with families who they know will find comfort in receiving them. Danielle has also given me permission to share them with other mothers who are grieving their children.

Thank You So Much Danielle!

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