Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Incredible Gift! Thank You Tillie Page Laird!

It's not often that I share a story at the front of a donation post. That being said, it is also not often that we receive a donation like the one we received today. For an occasion such as this one, sharing this story seemed fitting.

I have never identified myself as being a short person. At 5 foot 7, my height hasn't been an issue for me. That is, of course, until getting our Post Office Box for Doing Good In Her Name. When I registered for the Box, I got the last one that was available, a Box at the very top row, and even being on the taller side for women, there are parts of it that remain out of my reach.

Over the last few weeks I have been unable to make it to the PO Box. Our local Post Office cut back on counter time, presumably because of the economy, and I have found myself heading out with the best of intentions, but just barely missing my window of opportunity with their new hours. Luckily today I made it in time.

I have a routine at the Post Office. I grab what I can see, and then stick my hand in, sort of feeling around for any pickup tickets or mail I may have missed towards the back. Today, after pulling out two pickup tickets, I felt around from my tipped toes and came up empty. Just for good measure, I gave a little hop on my toes, and to my surprise, at the back of the Box, flush against its floor, was an envelope.

It was an older envelope, dated from the end of June, and how I could have missed it up until now is beyond me. I ripped it open, taking a look inside, and what I found took my breath away.


We would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU out to 
Tillie Page Laird of Washington Depot, CT

Tillie, who read the article about Peyton and Doing Good In Her Name in this month's LCT magazine, sent us an amazing donation of $500! 

Along with a very sweet note about Peyton, Tillie requested that this money be used specifically for food and parking vouchers to help other families with critically ill children at CCMC!

What an incredible blessing this donation will be to so many families!

Thanks to Tillie's generous gift, we have now raised $1550 for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center Foundation!


*Next to be posted: The Kenzen and Barrett Donations!


  1. That is so sweet of Tillie! I am wondering though, why do the families have to pay for the parking in the first place, is that possible that someone reviews that and gives them a break?

  2. Unfortunately we had to pay for parking during our stay with Peyton as well. Some of the days were donated to us, through the CCMC foundation, but the rest of the days we had to pay full price. Parking, unfortunately, is not free for families with children being treated and during long stays this can become quite costly. Thanks to Tillie's donation, this financial burden will be taken off the shoulders of these families.