Thursday, May 12, 2011

Danbury Hospital NICU Book Drive!

Books! Books! Books!
Danbury Hospital NICU Book Drive

Danbury Hospital is gearing up to open their *BRAND NEW* NICU, and Doing Good In Her Name would like to help them out by providing a bookshelf of brand new books for kids of all ages. 

This bookshelf will reside in Danbury's NICU, and be accessible for NICU patients, siblings, and families to use. At the end of their stay, patients and siblings will be able to take the books home if they wish.

Because of the delicate immune systems of some NICU patients, we can only accept brand new books at this time. We will be collecting them through June 1st.  

If you would like to help support the book drive, please send your tax deductible donation of brand new books to: 

Book Drive for Peyton’s Pals
Attn: Doing Good In Her Name
P.O. Box 1281
BurlingtonCT 06013

Thank you in advance for doing your part to help these families through their stay in the NICU. God Bless!


  1. I want to do this. We lived in North Salem, NY for a year when I was in 5th grade and used to go to Danbury mall all the time, I remember the smell of Cinnabon when you walked in and a very fabulous candy store! Thanks for such a great opportunity and idea! I'm a book a holic, so this is something I love!

  2. I won't be able to get them there before June 1, but I'm sending some books out to you tomorrow.