Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thank You Jimena Dolzadelli!

We would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU out to 

Jimena Dolzadelli of Burlington, CT

For sending us the following wonderful donation.

Jimena was kind enough to create 17 spanish language lullabye CD's for the NICU infants at CCMC. 

She designed the covers of the CD's to read:

Doing Good in Her Name
Honoring the memory of
Peyton Elizabeth Binder

         Please accept this music CD especially recorded with Spanish songs for infants and toddlers.
Por favor acepte este disco de música especialmente grabado con canciones en Español para bebes y niños.

Jimena then labeled each CD, and wrapped them individually for CCMC's critically ill infants in plastic to keep them sterile for distribution.

Just look at all these CD's!


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  1. Wow that is so nice! I love the covers. Peyton just so beautiful.