Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A musical donation!

Thank you so, so much to Catherine W. for her generosity.
We received this lovely CD in the mail yesterday.

Catherine W. had already generously donated two CD's for the children at Connecticut Children's Medical Center through, so to receive a third gift from her, really blew us away. Catherine W., who is from the United Kingdom, smartly ordered through Amazon's American site, and therefore didn't have to pay international shipping! What a wonderful idea.

Anyone who has had a critically ill infant, knows how hectic and out of place life in the hospital can feel. This CD of sweet lullaby's will bring alot of comfort to CCMC's little ones, and the parents who care for them. A comfort that comes from having some sense of "normal" in their room. This wonderful music will help to drown out the background noise (monitors, busy hallways, etc) that is life in a hospital, and allow these little babies the important rest they need to keep up the good fight, as well as bring some peace to the minds of their parents.


We have been so pleased with the outpouring of donations that have been coming in so far, and hope that we can make this collection for CCMC a real success! Be sure to read above for the many ways that you can help.

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  1. How wonderful of Catherine. I know for us, we had a lullaby cd playing in the private room that we held Calvin in as he died and afterwards. I think it was their only CD so this is a truly wonderful gift. Best wishes for continued donations. Hugs