Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pictures... Finally!

Remember when you went to the circus as a kid, and a tiny car would move to the center ring. In amazement you would watch, one by one, as clown after clown after clown after clown piled out of a car that seemed only big enough to hold maybe one passenger. That is what my experience receiving Margaret's donations was like.

Two small boxes arrived at the post office, roughly the size of shoe boxes, and recognizing the name, I thought how wonderful it was that a fellow babylost parent (and truly amazing woman) who lives all the way in Canada, had thought of our initiative and decided to help. I really have no idea how these things all fit in the boxes. Once I unpacked them, I had to transfer them to large bags, because I couldn't figure out how to make so much fit back in the boxes.

In my last post I spoke of Margaret's incredible generosity despite having just received word of her husband's impending layoff. Today I will show you. Please check out the amazing donations from Margaret below. Her generosity will benefit SO MANY infants being treated at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Just check out all these outfits!

And wonderful hats!

More beautiful clothing for CCMC's infant patients.

Even a few holiday outfits!

Clothes of all different infant sizes!

Pairs of shoes and teethers!

I just can't figure how it all fit!

Thank you so much Margaret!

**Good News. Another donation came in today. I will save that for my next post.

 Thank you so much to Margaret, and to those who have helped us so far, and those who are planning to help. Together, we can make a real difference for these sweet warriors being treated at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, and their families.


  1. Wow, looking at those, I'm not sure how I got them in the boxes either...LOL. PS- the peach coloured diaper cover in the fourth picture goes with the peach dress in the seventh picture...Wishing you tons more donations...Hugs

  2. Margaret you are so generous (and clever!) However did you fit ALL of that in two tiny boxes?! I'm sure that the Medical Center will love all these beautiful outfits and teethers. xo

  3. How the heck did all of that fit into 2 shoeboxes!?! Magical folding and packing there!!

  4. Oh WOW! How incredibly sweet of Margaret. Kristin, I am wishing you lots of donations this holiday season. xo