Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank You Carbone Family!

When Peyton was in the hospital, one of her NICU nurses, Heather, tried very hard to make her room feel "homey." She made beautiful signs, took lots of pictures of us together, and even hunted down a "mobile" for us. I say "mobile" with quotations, and a smile, because this particular mobile had really been put through the ringer. What once had been an ocean wonders mobile, had lost most of it's hanging toys, becoming a mishmosh of spinning beanie babies, the remaining ocean wonders animals, and even a stuffed m&m toy held on by a rubberband. When I think of that mobile, it makes me smile and laugh now, just as it did then. Peyton wasn't picky, she enjoyed watching it spin overhead and falling asleep to it's lullabye sounds. Memories of how much having that mobile in the room meant to us, are why this next donation really touched our hearts.

Thank you to the Carbone Family, for donating this new, beautiful, mobile for use by the critically ill infants being treated at CCMC.

We know, without a doubt, that it will be greatly appreciated by the children, and their parents, alike. Thank you!

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  1. How lovely! I'm sure every baby will appreciate this nice mobile!