Monday, December 21, 2009

The Packages Have Been Opened... Come See What Was Inside!

The first was a bag of items donated by
Kristina Jensen and Sarah Montesi of Bristol, CT...

 Look at all those hats!

Such adorable outfits too!

Thank you so much Kristina and Sarah!


Next, came a Land's End package from
Jenni at DemetersFeet, and her family!
It came to us from Reading, MA.

The onesies had such adorable prints, and check out these cute hat/bootie combos!

Thank you so much Jenni!

Next, we received 2 Amazon boxes from our dear blog friend,
Jeannette, aka LazySeamstress,
out of the United Kingdom.

These were from the first box...

So neat...

and then this little guy came in the second box...

Thank you so much Jeannette!

This box came from a High School Classmate of Krissy's,
Veena Thomas, out of San Francisco...

Just Check out these great outfits for boys...

and girls...

too precious...

Thank you so much Veena Thomas!

A package, without a name, or card, arrived from
 the 911 Drug Store of Brooklyn NY.
Inside we found these two adorable toys!

Thank you so much 911 Drugstore!

(If someone's name was missing here, please contact me at doinggoodinhername(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know, thank you)


Bobbie, at TeamDoyle sent us these fabulous goodies!

Two beautiful, handmade blankets...

and all of these goodies too!

Thank You so much Bobbie!


A package arrived from another former classmate of Krissy's,
Melissa (Brown) DePaola, of Jacksonville, NC...

Melissa was kind enough to send along some cribsheets and blankets, clothing, pacifiers...

the list goes on and on...

Thank You So Much Melissa!


Lastly, in this group, we received a very generous cash donation from Rebecca Stanley, of Smithville, NJ!

Thanks to Rebecca's generosity, we have now raised $530 for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center Foundation!!!

Thank You So Much Rebecca!


All of these donations arrived here in the last four days! Can you believe it? We are planning our first drop off to CCMC for next week, and know that they will be thrilled to see these wonderful donations!

Thank you all for your support, and check back soon to watch this initiative grow!